PURE LAMBDA provides expert advice to help startup CTOs reach a higher level of engineering excellence and business success. Combining a European perspective with Silicon Valley experience, we offer guidance in how to hire the most qualified engineers, integrate the best tools for your tech stack, and streamline research and development. Our comprehensive approach enables you, the CTO, to bring new technology products to market faster and more efficiently, delivering measurable ROI.

Leo Benkel founded PURE LAMBDA in late 2020 to help create a dynamic, decentralized, innovative technology scene across a united world. Through PURE LAMBDA, Leo offers his expertise as an advisor, consultant and mentor for companies who want to achieve engineering excellence and drive sustainable growth.

Leo discovered his passion for science and technology during his childhood in France, and began writing code at an early age. This led him to a career in Silicon Valley, the heart of worldwide technological innovation, where the future is built. Over 10 years, Leo gained cutting-edge knowledge and skills for building technologies and teams. His experiences include participating in early-stage startups, integrating acquisitions, scaling growth at a billion-dollar company, and participating in the launch of entirely new business categories. He has built new software products from scratch, and designed and architected corporate and open-source libraries.

Leo’s technical knowledge includes front- and back-end development, functional programming, artificial intelligence and machine learning, multi-agent systems, data science, and engineering. He is an instructor in the Scala programming language. Other knowledge areas include open source development, computer-assisted design (CAD), account-based marketing (ABM), search engine optimization, and user acquisition and conversion funnel.

Leo is very active in the global technology community, developing open source libraries and managing online communities and education. Teaching remains a strong interest which he pursues through speaking engagements at conferences on all continents.

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PURE LAMBDA provides expert advice to help startups reach a higher level of engineering excellence and business success.