Feb 11, 2021

5 min read

As a CTO, how should you spend your time?


  1. From 0 to 10 engineers
  2. From 5 to 300 engineers
  3. From 100 and beyond
  • User: entity (person or company) using your product(s) or service(s)
  • Customer: entity (person or company) paying you and generating income
Recording of a meetup organized by Aleksander Korzyński

Stage 1: From 0 to 10 engineers

  • Development skills & Technical knowledge: To either implement the MVP (Minimum Valuable Product) yourself or being able to choose a vendor to implement it for you or even dig into no-code platforms
  • Speed: The race to Product Market Fit can be more or less intense depending on the market your company is targeting. But being first to market is always a huge advantage
  • Flexibility & Perseverance: You will have to be ready to throw code away and restart several times until you get it right. It is part of the process.

Stage 2: From 5 to 300 engineers

  • Leadership: To motivate and empower your team and allow each members of your organization to become the best version of themselves
  • Delegation: In the first stage every decisions had to go through you but now you have hired smart people to make decisions for you, let them do the things you hired them for
  • Time management: Managing your time will be essential, you will have a lot to do between setting processes, looking after the development of the product and interviewing candidates. You will have to identify your strength and value add and focus your time where you make a real difference while delegating the rest to the right people

Stage 3: From 100 engineers and beyond

  • Visionary: Looking at trends in your field will become a main part of your daily routine to be able to adapt your product to the evolving market and technologies
  • Leadership & Delegation: Once again you will have to empower and inspire other to implement your vision of the future while delegating the implementation to the right member of your team
  • Public Relation: A big part of your work will be to inspire others, internally within your company but also externally to attract users to your product and talents to your organization