How do you create a winning pitch deck to raise funds?


Know your audience, think like an investor

Your opening: who are you?

Winning pitch deck — Opening

Your why: what problem are you solving?

Winning pitch deck — Why

Your opportunity: how big is the market your company is targeting?

Winning pitch deck — Opportunity

Your competition: how competitive is the environment where your business operates?

Winning pitch deck — Competition

Your solution: what product is your company building?

Winning pitch deck — Solution

Your business model: how will your company generate revenue with the product?

Winning pitch deck — Business Model

Your traction: how many users are lining up to use your product?

Winning pitch deck — Traction

Your strategy: how will your company grow to the next level?

Winning pitch deck — Strategy

Your team: who is making the magic happen?

Winning pitch deck — Team

Your Demand: what are you seeking from the investors?

Winning pitch deck - Demand

Your personal touch: how to customize your pitch deck for your own company, problem, and solution?

Your success: how to recognize signs that your pitch worked?

Some extra notes


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