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2 min readApr 22, 2022

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Discover PURE LAMBDA’s Tech Assessment Tool

Review your Tech Resumes in the blink of an eye

  • Have you ever wondered if a candidate can build a blockchain platform with a data engineering background?
  • Have you ever wondered if mobile development experience is enough to develop a website?
  • Have you ever received a CV from an engineer and had difficulty correctly matching his/her skills sets with what you need?

To help you, at PURE LAMBDA, we have built an open and free transferrable tech skill assessment tool.

When you see, on a resume, words like Python, Data Engineering, Web Development, React.js, GoLang, it can be scary or unintelligible as a recruiter if you don’t have any technical background. How do you recruit the right profile for your needs if you have no clue which skills are needed for what you want to build?

With this in mind, we, at PURE LAMBDA, decided to build a straightforward and free tech skill assessment tool to:

  1. help non-technical founders understand technical resumes
  2. perform an analysis of the skills candidate quickly
  3. and translate it to what the founder wants to build.
PURE LAMBDA’s tech assessment tool

On the left side of the platform, you have “requested skills”. This is the area where you, as a recruiter, will identify the skills you need to build a project. For instance, you can select: “Mobile Android”. Same process if you are looking for “Mobile iOS” or “Database Expertise”. When all the requirements you need are completed on the left side, you go to the right side.

On the right side of the platform, you can put all the skills highlighted on the candidate’s resume.

Once done, you obtained a matching result. Thanks to this tool, you can precisely assess the match between the candidate’s skills and what you require. The skills are weighted in terms of “can this one skill be used to do this type of requirement”.

If you require personalized support, use the “need help” button, at the bottom of the tool page, which will open the contact form of PURE LAMBDA. If you are not sure of the candidate’s skills, if you want an extra assessment, or if one skill is missing, you can use this contact form and send us a message directly. You will receive an answer shortly.

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