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Have you ever wondered about the most valuable skills and tools that a developer could master?

In this article, Leo Benkel, Founder of PURE LAMBDA, details the most recommended engineering skills that he sees now on the market.


Web Development, Mobile Development, DevOps, and Data Processing are currently the most significant tech areas, where the developers and engineers are the most wanted.

Data processing is probably currently the most challenging area. Many studies show that data scientists are the most in-demand career in the market right now. Companies of all sizes need to use data to increase efficiency, so many companies are looking for data scientists who have the competencies to gather, review, and analyze data. Furthermore, if you love mathematics, then data processing is the career to embrace.

You have a clear distinction between the back and front end for the web development part.

The front part is a bit closer to art, design, and UI, including mobile. There are a lot of opportunities. If you’re more of an artistic person and want to build things that you can see, the front-end part should be your target.

If you want to be talking about customer needs and speak with engineers and designers as one, then a career in the back end is more suitable.

Keep in mind that web and mobile development with the rise of no-code tools is being more and more commoditized.

Above all, never stop learning. Go to Meetups, talk to more senior engineers, and work on open source projects, but do not stop learning. Technology moves fast!

Leading Technologies in review

When it comes to proper technology, on the front end, at PURE LAMBDA, we would recommend React.js; a Javascript library built using JSX and reusable components. It’s the leading technology for the front end of the Web. You also have React Native, which allows you to build mobile UI with the same code. It’s powerful. With one source code, you can simultaneously create Web, Mobile Android, and Mobile iOS.

The “direct” competitor of React for the Web is Angular, a Javascript framework built using Typescript, but it is much harder to design a reusable architecture with components that you can reuse. Angular’s learning curve is steeper due to its many in-built functionalities while React has smaller packages size.

You can also use Flutter for mobile. Flutter is Google’s open-source technology for creating mobile, desktop, and web apps with a single codebase. Flutter is not a framework or library; it’s a complete software development kit (SDK). The back-end depends on what you want to build if you’re developing fast microservices or large monolithic applications.

GoLang is really lightweight and fast. It is well suited for tiny pieces of code that go very fast. GoLang makes it easier to write a fast, parallel program than in most other languages.

Node.js and Python are equivalent in terms of use cases but what is advantageous with Node.js is that it is in JavaScript, so you can share the code with ReactJS. Python is good because you have many engineers who use it, so hiring will be easier. Python also has a vast list of data processing libraries loved by Data Scientists.

If you’re going to have a serious heavyweight back-end that needs to do many things reliably, Scala or Java are good options.

CSS/HTML are essential if you want to do web development.

And finally, for all the data processing, you can do Python if you are a scientist. Otherwise, you can use Scala, which at PURE LAMBDA we love for data engineering.

When it comes to data processing frameworks, you can check out Apache Spark or Tensorflow.

In terms of paradigm, you should know about object-oriented design, REST API, SOLID, and Functional Programming. Lots of paradigms exist out there and you should know multiple to have options on your toolbelt when faced with a problem to solve.


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